The ECCO core Material Transfer Agreement for the supply of samples of biological material from the public collection


In 2005, a workgroup(*) was installed by the European Culture Collections’ Organisation to define and describe the commonly agreed core content of a Material Transfer Agreement to be used for the supply of samples from the biological material that ECCO holds in its public collections.

The workgroup took into consideration input and comments received from the membership on the four successive draft versions that were presented over the past four years.
Therefore we are convinced that by now the statements of this ECCO core MTA reflect the common position of the ECCO membership with respect to the key items Traceability, Fair and Equitable Benefit Sharing, Intellectual Property Rights, Quality, Safety & Security.

Implementation of this core MTA by the ECCO members in time- either as such or integrated in the members’ respective more extended documents – will make biological material available from ECCO collections under the same core conditions. Also an important and unique feature of the use of this core MTA is the agreement to continue necessary exchange of cultures between culture collections that adhere to equivalent and compatible core conditions of supply

The first official version as currently available here was approved by the ECCO board in February 2009. This first official version was again presented at the ECCO-28 Meeting in Göteborg and agreed.

At regular intervals and whenever necessary, reviewing and revision of content will be organized.


With thanks to all who contributed,
Danielle Janssens
(for the ECCO MTA workgroup)


D. Janssens1, B. Tindal2, P. Green3, E. Garay4, D. Fritze2, J. Stalpers5, D. Smith6, F. Bimet7, P. Desmeth8
1BCCM/LMG, Gent, Belgium, 2DSMZ, Braunschweig, Germany, 3NCIMB, Aberdeen, UK, 4CECT, Burjassot, Spain, 5CBS, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 6CABI, Egham, UK, 7CIP, Paris, France, 8BCCM, Brussels, Belgium

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