ECCO member data

Acronym CNCTC
Mailing address Srobarova 48
10042 Prague
Correspondent Renata Safrankova
Tel.: +42 (0)267082428
Fax: +42 (0)267082920
Member holdingsNearly 1200 strains representative of 100 genera and 370 species of bacteria, fungi and yeasts are available at CNCTC. Altogether 243 type cultures, including bacterial genera and species isolated and described by Czech microbiologists (genera Budvicia aquatica and Pragia fontium) and species (Acinetobacter ursingii, Acinetobacter schindleri, Acinetobacter parvus, Corynebacterium accolens, Yersinia aldovae, Staphylococcus chromogenes, Staphylococcus intermedius) are part of CNCTC that also provides a wide selection of microbial organisms for quality control, bioassays and testing of antibiotics.

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