ECCO member data

Acronym CECT
Mailing address Edificio 3. Parc Científic U.V.

Catedrático Agustín Escardino, 9
46980 Paterna

Correspondent José Miguel López Coronado
Tel.: +34963544612
Fax: +34963543187
Member holdingsThe Spanish Type Culture Collection (CECT) was founded 1960 as the national culture collection in Spain and it remains as the only national collection of microorganisms that is official and of public nature. In 1991 it became a service of the University of Valencia (UVEG), and in 1992 it was recognized as International Depositary Authority (IDA) for storing microorganisms for patent purposes. According to the functions of a Biological Resource Centre, CECT activities include the preservation of microbial resources, research conducted upon them, and several services that are offered online at

It is a broad scope collection that holds around 8,000 microbial strains. Roughly half of them are prokaryotes (bacteria and archaea), and the rest are yeasts and filamentous fungi.

Services offered
  • Ex-situ preservation of microorganisms
  • Three accession modalities (public, restricted and under the Budapest Treaty)
  • Supply of strains for different purposes (research, teaching, quality control, biotechnological applications, etc.). Types of presentations: freeze-dried, active culture, ACTICULT 3R® and CECT 6R
  • Supply of DNA
  • Identification of isolates using phenotypic, chemotaxonomic and molecular markers
  • Freeze-drying of micro-organisms
  • Teaching and training
  • Counseling on conservation and taxonomy
  • Taxonomy of prokaryotes (archaea and bacteria) and microscopic fungi (filamentous fungi and yeasts)
  • Phylogenetic studies using molecular tools
  • Culturable microbial diversity in some environments
  • Characterization and preservation of strains
Quality Management SystemThe CECT is ISO 9001 certified since 2004.

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