ECCO member data

Acronym NCTC
Mailing address Public Health England, Porton Down
SP4 0JG Salisbury
Correspondent Tel.: +44 (0) 1980 612512
Member holdingsFounded in 1920, NCTC - the National Collection of Type Cultures is the longest-established collection in the world offering a bacterial culture supply service, specialising in micro-organisms of significance for human health.  NCTC is one of four culture collections that constitute the Health Protection Agency Culture Collections (HPA Culture Collections) a not-for-profit organization within the Health Protection Agency (HPA) and works closely with internationally renowned experts in the HPA’s bacterial reference laboratories 

NCTC’s public access collection comprises over 5,000 bacterial strains, together with over 100 mycoplasmas, including Risk Group 3 micro-organisms, spanning diverse clinical infections, global locations and pathogenic properties.  In addition to the public access collection, NCTC holds a number of historic archive bacterial collections

NCTC is one of the four collections of the Culture Collections of Public Health England

Services offeredSupply of freeze-dried cultures

Supply of quantitative bacterial Reference Materials in LENTICULE disc format

Preservation of bacteria by freeze drying

International Deposit Authority (IDA) for the deposit of biological material under the Budapest Treaty

Deposit of strains for public access or for safekeeping

ResearchEvolutionary origins of modern pathogens; development of novel Reference Materials.
Quality Management SystemNCTC is certified to BS EN 9001: 2008 and all aspects of the collection are managed in accordance of the requirements of the standard

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