Message from the President

Dear ECCO members!

The 38th ECCO Meeting held in the wonderful city of Turin is already behind us. I want to say thanks once more to the local organisers, Prof. Cristina Varese and her team of the MUT at Turin University, for making this into an excellent and most inspiring event. The beauty and relevance of “our” microbes is well known to us, but largely unknown to most citizens. To increase public awareness the local organizers set up an exhibition based on photo’s provided by the ECCO collections. The exhibition was well positioned on the Piazza Vittorio Veneto in the very heart of the city. Passing the exhibition on the route between my hotel and the venue I saw passerby people eagerly browsing the various pictures and accompanying text. This exhibition was a brilliant idea!

During the Annual General Meeting Nelson Lima stepped back as President of the board, and we thank him for his hard work for ECCO over the past years. Dominique Clermont also stepped back as scientific officer and we thank her for the work she has put in. Cristina Varese was elected the new scientific officer, and I am now your new president.

As agreed some time ago, working groups of several experts started working on two new ECCO Core tools, one for material transfer (to follow-up the widely appreciated ECCO Core MTA of 2009), and a second for material deposit (MDA). In Turin these documents were discussed with the members and finalised. We thanks all who have provided input. The tools were formally approved by the AGM, and soon they will be available. We hope that they will prove to be of use to collections in supply and deposit procedures.

I look forward to working together with Cristina and the other board members Marijke, Mery, José and Pekka, to help move culture collections forward and underpin the important role they are playing in science and society. But ECCO cannot do without your continued support, and we encourage all our members to provide input where they can!

The local organisers kindly invite us to come to London for ECCO 39, that will be held in September 2019, and join in to celebrates NCTC’s  100th anniversary. I look forward to seeing you in London, or perhaps earlier in Chile, if you see a chance to participate in the round table organised by ECCO, during the WFCC ICCC 15 in Pucón (25-29 November 2019)!

Gerard Verkley

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