Nagoya Protocol for ‘Collection Holders’, Brussels 6 July 2017

Our Collections Officer, Samantha Law, has attended a number of workshops regarding the guidance documents under the EU Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Regulation implementing the Nagoya Protocol (Regulation (EU) No 511/2014).  Of particular interest was the ‘Collection Holders’ workshop held in Brussels on the 6 July 2017, where a number of ECCO members were present.

During this workshop, a preliminary draft version of the guidance document for Collection Holders that have been drafted by the GDG was presented to an audience of about 50 participants (competent authorities, national and European experts, and national and European stakeholders). Those present were able to give feedback about this document at the time.  After the workshop, Samantha also collated feedback from ECCO members and reported this back to the consultants.  She will keep everyone informed of any updates regarding this.

Version 2.4 Draft – 26 June 2017 of the “Guidance Document for Collection Holders” can be downloaded through this link.

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