What are you interested in? Culture, history, arts, nature, technology, motors, food and wine tradition… Turin has it!

Turin is a city ​​of many facets, coupling an ancient past to a modern and international vocation.

Just for your inspiration:

  1. Turin was the former capital of Italy
  2. Royal Residences were declared by Unesco a Human Heritage Site
  3. Leonardo da Vinci’s self portrait is here
  4. The Holy Shroud is preserved here
  5. The Museo Egizio is the biggest Egyptian museum after that in Cairo
  6. The National Cinema Museum is inside the Mole Antonelliana
  7. The Museo Nazionale dell’automobile (MAUTO) is one of world’s largest museums about automotive industry
  8. Turin is the capital of contemporary art
  9. Turin is the capital of taste, chocolate and aperitifs, with famous historical cafés and patisseries
  10. The city has 18 km of arcades for shopping