• Institution: Culture Collection, University of Gothenburg
  • Acronym: CCUG
  • Location:
    Guldhedsgatan 10
    413 46 G
  • Website: http://www.ccug.se
  • Correspondent:
    Prof. Edward R.B. Moore
    Tel.: +46.31.342 4696
    Fax: +46.31.82 96 17
    e-mail: ccug@eccosite.org

Members holdings

CCUG Accession numers: 62623 (May 2012 - since spring 1968)

CCUG Strains on-line: 18800 (May 2008)

The CCUG Search Engine enables searches for strains by key words.

Services offered

Supply of cultures: freeze-dried

Supply of DNA

Deposit of strains for public access or for safe keeping

Identification (species-level) / Typing (sub-species-level).

Phenotypic and genotypic-based methods are applied for analysing microorganisms, including:  morphological and metabolic profiling; cell-fatty acids (CFA / FAME) profiling and volatile fatty acid (VFA) determination for anaerobic bacteria; MALDI-TOF MS profiling of cell proteins; DNA sequence comparative analyses for 16S rRNA genes and selected taxa-specific house-keeping genes; G+C content; DNA-DNA hybridisation for genomic DNA similarity analyses.

All methods are explained in English on our site. Details and results of strain characterizations are displayed in our site.


Focus of research: microbial systematics, taxonomy and diversity; development of methods for the identification (species-level) and typing (sub-species-level) of microorganisms; microbial resistance in clinical and environmental ecosystems. Current (2012) support for research projects is from regional, national and international (EC) funding agencies.

Quality Management System

The accreditation is given in Swedish.