• Institution: Council of Agricultural Research and Analysis of Agricultural Economics-Collection
    of microorganisms of viticultural and oenological environment
  • Acronym:CREA-CMVE
  • Location:
    Via Pietro Micca 35,
    14100 Asti, ITALY
  • Website:
  • Correspondent:
    Enrico Vaudano, Antonella Costantini, Emilia Garcia-Moruno
    Tel.: +39 0414433826, +39 0414433817; +39 0414433818
    e-mail: cmve@crea.gov.it

Members holdings

To date, the collection includes about 1400 isolates of yeasts and 280 isolates of lactic bacteria. A little collection of bacteriophages has recently been added. The strains are stored in triplicate at -80 ° C.

Recently the collection was enriched with the purified DNA extracted from all the strains and completely re-analysed with molecular methods as ARDRA (Amplified Ribosomal DNA Restriction Analysis) RAPD (Random Amplification of Polymorphic DNA) ribosomal DNA sequencing.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae were characterized at strain level with Multiplex Microsatellite technique.

Services offered

  • Distribution of pure yeast cultures
  • Identification of microorganisms of viticultural-oenological environment
  • Eco-typical yeast isolation
  • Storage of strains
  • Technological and physiological tests on strains


  • Isolation of new strains from beverages
  • Characterization and identification of new isolates
  • Screening and selection of technological and functional properties
  • Implementation of starter cultures for food and other industrial applications
  • Study a conservation of the biodiversity in the vineyard
  • New methodology for identification and characterization of yeast and bacteria
  • Expression study on bacteria and yeast during alcoholic fermentation and malolactic transformation