• Institution: Institute of Ecology and Genetics of Microorganisms, Perm Federal Research Center UB RAS
  • Acronym: IEGM
  • Location:
    13 Golev street614081 PermRUSSIA
  • Website: http://www.iegmcol.ru
  • Correspondent:
    Irina B. Ivshina , Professor, D.Sc.E-mail: ivshina@iegm.ru

Member holdings

The IEGM Regional Specialised Collection of Alkanotrophic Microorganisms is a public collection initiated in 1975 to preserve and distribute hydrocarbon-oxidizing strains isolated from contrasting geographical zones, e.g. Ural, Siberia, Far East etc. It comprises above 3,000 strains of biotechnology relevant Actinobacteria, mostly of Rhodococcus, including producers of amino acids, enzymes, biosurfactants, and degraders of petroleum hydrocarbons and other emergent pollutants.

Services offered

  • Identification, molecular typing and characterization of bacteria
  • Deposit (safe deposit) and distribution of strains, data management
  • Cultivation and preservation (expertise in long-term conservation of alkanotrophs)
  • Consultancy, training and contract research


- Structure and function of microbial communities, assessment of the role of microorganisms in biospheric processes; - Molecular mechanisms of bacterial adaptations to environmental stresses and pollution; - Functional and species diversity of hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteria in anthropogenically disturbed biocenoses using metagenomics and bioinformatics methods; - Intensification of bioremediation processes in oil-contaminated ecosystems using Rhodococcus biosurfactants and immobilized rhodococcal cells with functionalized surfaces; - Synthesis of bioactive products, target biotransformation of organic compounds, and biodegradation of persistent xenobiotics.

Quality Management System

Internal standard operating procedures (SOPs).