• Institution: The Collection of Salmonella Microorganisms
  • Acronym: KOS
  • Location:
    38, Do Studzienki Street
    80-227 Gdansk
  • Correspondent:
    Ewa Tokarska-Pietrzak, M.Sc.
    Tel.: +48 58 349 19 12
    Fax: +48 58 349 19 11
    e-mail: kos@eccosite.org

Members holdings

The Collection of Salmonella Microorganisms (KOS) was founded in 1947 by Prof. Z. Buczowski as reference strains for Salmonella antisera production and since 1957 that Collection was coded in the Polish Collection of Microorganisms. The KOS Collection is situated in the National Salmonella Centre (Department of Medical Microbiology, Medical University of Gdansk).

The KOS Collection of Salmonella Microorganisms currently holds over 1900 bacterial strains of medical and veterinary importance. KOS Collection includes the cultures of special serological and biochemical properties coming from the medical and veterinary laboratories from all over the country. Most of the strains are selected from those received for identification or those on which research is done. Only a limited number of cultures have been obtained from other collections. The strains mainly belong to the genus Salmonella. All the strains are stored as activly growing cultures on the cork-stoppered agar slants in the dark at room temperature. 

In 1995 the KOS Collection joined ECCO. Since 1995 the Collection is registered as an affiliate member of the World Federation for Culture Collections. Our registration number in the WFCC-MIRCEN World Data Centre for Microorganisms is 784.

Services offered

The main activities of the Collection are to collect, safe-keep and provide authentic cultures of microoragnisms. Some of them can be used to demonstrate most of the biochemical characteristics used for common bacterial identification or for the media control. The Collection offers materials for comparative taxonomical studies to research workers, students and to other nonprofit institutions and industrial laboratories.