• Institution: National Collection of Agricultural and Industrial Micro-organisms
  • Acronym: NCAIM
  • Location:
    1118 BUDAPEST
  • Website: http://ncaim.uni-corvinus.hu
  • Correspondent:
    National Collection of Agricultural and Industrial Micro-organisms, Corvinus University of Budapest
    Tel.: (361) 482 6322
    Fax: (361) 482 6322
    e-mail: ncaim@eccosite.org

Members holdings

The National Collection of Agricultural and Industrial Micro-organisms (NCAIM) contains over 2300 strains of bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Since 1986 NCAIM is approved as an International Depository Authority. NCAIM became independent from the Department of Microbiology in January, 1994. Since then, the culture collection has existed as a separate department of the University. From 1986 to 1994 the collection was supported financially by the Ministry of Agriculture and from 1994 NCAIM is being financially supported by the Ministry of Education.

Services offered

  • Culture distribution
  • Deposit of strains for public access
  • Safe deposits
  • Patent deposits (NCAIM is an IDA under the Budapest Treaty)
  • Contract freeze-drying
  • Bacterial and yeast identification service 
  • Consultancy


  • Study of survival of microorganisms preserved and maintained with different methods
  • Comparative study of the yeast biota of natural and man-made habitats
  • Taxonomic study using modern molecular biology methods
  • Investigations of microbial contaminants in industrial products
  • Consultancy for hygiene in factories
  • Investigations of spoilage of food products, beverages etc. during transport and storage
  • molecular characterisation of industrial starter yeast cultures