• Institution: NCIMB
  • Acronym: NCIMB
  • Location:
    Ferguson Building, Craibstone Estate, Bucksburn Aberdeen
    AR21 9YA, Scotland
  • Website: http://www.ncimb.co.uk
  • Correspondent:
    Dr. Peter N. Green
    Tel.: +44 1224 711100
    Fax: +44 1224 711299
    e-mail: ncimb@eccosite.org

Members holdings

The NCIMB contains over 8 500 strains of bacteria, bacteriophages and plasmids in bacterial hosts. It is the major UK National Culture Collection (UKNCC) specialising in primarily non-pathogenic bacteria from a variety of environmental habitats. In particular holdings include a wide range of type cultures and strains of industrial or academic interest. Recently the National Collections of Food Bacteria NCFB at Reading moved to, and has been amalgamated into, NCIMB. Organisms of particular interest and/or which form a significant part of the collection include bacteria of biotechnological applied and taxonomic significance such as actinomycetes, lactic acid bacteria, marine organisms and a range of quality control and assay strains.

Services offered

  • Culture sales and distribution
  • Culture deposits
  • open collection
  • safe deposits
  • High security storage to GMP
  • patent deposits (NCIMB is an IDA under the Budapest Treaty)
  • Contract freeze-drying
  • Bacterial identification service
  • DNA sequencing service
  • Chemical and microbial analytical services
  • Consultancy and R+D services


  • Alternative user-friendly culture packaging and delivery systems
  • Identification tools/kits
  • Toxicity testing
  • Polyphasic taxonomy and identification of various bacterial groups