• Institution: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd​
  • Acronym: VTTCC
  • Location:
    Tietotie 2, Espoo (P.O. Box 1000)
    FI-02044 VTT
  • Website: http://culturecollection.vtt.fi
  • Correspondent:
    Dr. Irina Tsitko (head curator),  Dr. Virve Vidgren (fungal section curator)
    Tel.: +358 20 722 111
    e-mail: culture.collection@vtt.fi

Members holdings

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland maintains the VTT Culture Collection, which was established in 1959 and it has been a member of ECCO since 1984. The total holding of the VTT Culture Collection exceeds 6 500 strains covering a wide biodiversity of bacteria, yeast and filamentous fungi. The majority of the strains are unique having been isolated during VTT research projects and originating from food, brewing, malting, pulp and paper processes, human GI-tract and from the environment. VTTCC also holds a major collection of brewer's yeast strains.

Services offered

  • Supply of microbial strains for scientific research and industrial purposes.
  • Deposit of cultures for public access and safe keeping. 
  • Patent deposit under the rules of the Budapest Treaty.
  • Isolation from mixed cultures, identification of  strains,  preparations of lyophilized stocks on request.


  • Industrial and applied microbiology
  • Microbial diversity in food production, in malting and brewing, in human GI-tract and in pulp and paper processes
  • Biotechnology and fermentation

Quality Management System

VTT is ISO 9001:2015 and SO 45001:2018 certified.