• Institution: Culture Collection, University of Gothenburg
  • Acronym: VTTCC
  • Location:
    Tietotie 2, Espoo (P.O. Box 1000)
    FI-02044 VTT
  • Website: http://culturecollection.vtt.fi
  • Correspondent:
    Erna Storgards
    Tel.: +358 20 722 4526
    Fax: +357 20 722 7071
    e-mail: vttcc@eccosite.org

Members holdings

VTT Culture Collection was established by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland in 1959 and it has been a member of ECCO since 1984. The collection covers a wide biodiversity with more than 800 bacterial species representing 225 genera, about 430 species of filamentous fungi representing 197 genera and 200 yeast species representing 58 genera. The total holding of VTT Culture Collection exceeds 6000 strains. The majority of strains are unique having been isolated during VTT research projects and originating from food, brewing, malting, pulp and paper processes, human GI-tract and from the environment. VTTCC also holds a major collection of brewer\'s yeast strains.

Services offered

  • Distribution of strains for scientific research  and for industrial purposes
  • Deposit of strains for public access, for safe keeping and for patent purposes under the regulations of the Budapest Treaty
  • Identification and characterisation of strains related to those hold in the collection
  • DNA sequencing of bacteria and yeasts
  • Automated ribotyping of bacteria


  • Industrial and applied microbiology
  • Microbial diversity in food production, in malting and brewing, in human GI-tract and in pulp and paper processes
  • Biotechnology and fermentation

Quality Management System

ISO 9001:2008
ISO 14001:2004