Members holdings

The BCCM/GeneCorner Plasmid Collection warrants the long-term storage and distribution of plasmids, microbial host strains and DNA libraries of fundamental, biotechnological, educational or general scientific importance.

The focus is on recombinant plasmids that can replicate in a microbial host strain, with main interest for:

  • empty cloning plasmids useful for recombinant (over)expression of proteins of interest in bacteria, yeast, fungi, insect cells, plant and animal cells;
  • (expression) plasmids carrying specific protein-coding genes and derivatives from a wide range of organisms (human, mouse, various bacterial species, ...);
  • expression plasmids with specific non-coding genes such as shRNA and miRNA;
  • plasmids for mouse genetic engineering, allowing the generation of transgenic mice.

BCCM/GeneCorner also accepts natural and genetically modified animal or human cell lines, including hybridomas, as well as other genetic material, in the safe deposit and patent deposit collections.

Services offered

  • Public deposit and distribution of plasmids, host strains and DNA libraries
  • Safe and patent deposit of genetic material, recombinant or not, cloned in a host or as isolated material (e.g. plasmids) and natural or genetically modified human and animal cell lines, including hybridomas
  • Storage possibility for any kind of third party\'s biological material that can be stored at -80C or in liquid nitrogen
  • Plasmid profiling of non-pathogenic bacterial strains
  • Sequence analysis of non-characterised plasmids


The BCCM/GeneCorner activities are continuously supported by the research activities of its host laboratory, which focus on molecular and cellular mechanisms that are at the origin of chronic inflammation, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases and cancer. These mechanisms are mainly studied in cellular and animal model systems by using the most advanced methods of molecular biology, cell biology and immunology. Expression plasmids for human and mouse genes are frequently generated and extensively used, offering an ideal environment for BCCM/GeneCorner. Research of the host laboratory is multidisciplinary with molecular biologists, immunologists, cell biologists, and bioinformaticians collaborating with clinicians. It is the ambition of the host laboratory to translate basic research into innovative ways for diagnosis and therapy of human diseases.

BCCM/GeneCorner has already performed a number of autonomous research projects to improve plasmid DNA storage and to enlarge its scope of basic vectors and genes in view of the needs of the academic and industrial communities, and is continuously interested in project-based scientific collaborations on these issues.

Quality Management System

Accession, control, preservation, storage and supply of plasmids and bacterial hosts, incl. related information, in the frame of public deposits, safe deposits and patent deposits is ISO 9001:2015 certified.