• Institution: BCCM/IHEM
  • Acronym:BCCM/IHEM
  • Location:
    BCCM/IHEM – service Mycology & Aerobiology
    Rue Juliette Wytsmanstraat 14
    1050 Brussels – BELGIUM
  • Website: http://bccm.belspo.be
    Twitter: @BccmCollections
    LinkedIn: BCCM_Collections
  • Correspondent:
    Tel.: +32 (0) 642 55 18
    e-mail: bccm.ihem@sciensano.be

Members holdings

  • BCCM/IHEM is a collection of fungi of medical and veterinary interest. It holds almost 17000 strains of yeast and filamentous fungi, representing almost 500 genera and almost 1700 species: human and animal pathogens, allergenic strains, mycotoxin producing species or various contaminants from the human environment.
  • The BCCM/IHEM collection accepts pathogens up to the class of risk 3.
  • The BCCM/IHEM collection has incorporated the entire collection of Raymond Vanbreuseghem (RV-collection) which formerly belonged to the Institute of Tropical Medicine (Antwerp) and includes numerous valuable isolates from tropical regions.
  • Another interesting addition was the fungal collection from Janssen Pharmaceutica which has been integrated in the public BCCM/IHEM collection.

Services offered

  • patent deposits
  • safe deposits
  • identification (MALDI-TOF, DNA sequencing)
  • microbial counting
  • antifungal susceptibility testing
  • training : indoor mycology, dermatophytes, veterinary mycology, MALDI-TOF


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Quality Management System

ISO 9001, ISO 17025