• Institution: Agris Sardegna, Agricultural Research Agency of Sardinia
  • Acronym: BNSS
  • Location:
    Loc. Bonassai S.S. 291 Sassari-Fertilia – Km. 18,600
    07100 Sassari
  • Website: http://www.mbds.it
  • Correspondent:
    Roberta Comuniah PhD (Scientific Coordinator), e-mail: rcomunian@agrisricerca.it
    Tel.: +39 0792842329
    Elisabetta Daga PhD (Curator), e-mail: edaga@agrisricerca.it
    Tel.: +39 0792842333

Member holdings

The Agris-BNSS (Bonassai-Sassari) microbial culture collection was founded in 1967. It is mainly constituted by lactic acid bacteria isolated from sheep and goat milk and cheese. Isolates coming from other matrices, such as fermented meat products, table olives and brines, ovine and fish gut, and ram semen are also present. The collection is made up by over 21,000 frozen (-80 °C or -150°C) and/or freeze-dried isolates, 8,557 accessions are pure cultures: 5,938 have been identified by molecular methods and 1,741 out of them are included in the public database with the associated data. Natural mixed cultures also are present in the collection.

Services offered

Starter cultures are provided, free of charge, to local dairy plants, after an official request and the signature of an MTA.


  • Isolation and preservation of strains and natural mixed cultures from fermented agri-food products and their raw matrices
  • Identification of isolates and natural cultures by classical and molecular techniques
  • Technological characterization
  • Safetyassessment of strains and natural cultures for their exploitation in agri-food manufactures
  • Development of starter cultures for traditional foods

Quality Management System

Certified ISO 9001:2015