• Institution: MicroBioDiverSar- University of Sassari Culture Collection
  • Acronym: MBDS-UNISSCC
  • Location:
    Department of Agricultural Sciences, University of Sassari,
    Viale Italia 39A Sassari 07100
  • Website: : http://www.mbds.it/en/home/
  • Correspondent:
    prof.ssa Marilena Budroni
    Phone number: +0039 079 229314
    Email: mbudroni@uniss.it

Member holdings

319 public strains

Bacteria 76 LAB, PGRP,

Fungi 62 Fusarium spp

Yeasts 181 species from wines, must, barley, cereals, red yeasts, flor yeasts

Services offered

  • Isolation and identification of microorganisms from food matrices and natural environments
  • Phenotypic and genetic characterization of microorganisms
  • Screening of microorganisms for the individuation of properties of biotechnological interest
  • Yeast biofilm management
  • Development and application of molecular tools for microorganism’s genetic manipulation
  • Isolation and identification of microorganisms from plant, soil and natural and anthropogenic environments
  • Molecular characterization of microorganisms
  • In vivo and in vitro pathogenicity tests of antagonists and/or plant pathology microorganisms
  • public/confidential deposit, training


MBDS_UNISSCC is curated by the research groups of Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (AMB) and Plant Protection. The staff of AMB works on yeast and bacteria biodiversity and biotechnology. Research topics regard the selection of starters for food and beverages industry; the study of microbial interactions and the production of natural antimicrobials; the biotechnological production of primary and secondary metabolites; the management and exploitation of microbial biofilms. Based on this expertise the culture collection of AMB consists of yeasts and bacteria isolated from different food matrices in Sardinia. The Laboratory of AMB provides services for agro-food companies and is involved in technological transfer and dissemination of the results obtained from fundamental and applied research. The main lines of research of the group of phytopathology are research and development of biological microorganisms combating phytopathogenic fungi; development of molecular techniques for characterization of antagonists and plant pathogen microorganisms; molecular and physiological aspects of the plant-pathogen interaction.

Quality Management System

In the acquisition phase