Member holdings

The collection consists of bacteria, mainly lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and moulds, isolated by various agri-food products typical of Sardinia. Out of about 2700 isolates composing the collection, more than 800 strains, mainly lactic acid bacteria, have been identified and included in the public catalogue available at the MBDS website. Several isolates have been tested for technological properties, some safety features and probiotic characteristics and then have been used in projects with the purpose of: (i) using as fermentation agents (as autochthonous starter and/or integrative cultures) in order to obtain foods with unique qualitative characteristics; (ii) using as bioprotective culture, in order to increase the safety and shelf-life of the products; (iii) developing innovative/healthy products for new market segments.

Services offered

  • Acquisition, identification and ex-situ conservation of microorganisms
  • Distribution to public institutions and private and industrial companies
  • Public or private deposit
  • Consulting services
  • Teaching and Training courses


  • Isolation of strains from food and beverages
  • Characterization and identification of strains by morphological and molecular methods
  • Screening of technological and functional properties
  • Selection of strains with health promoting and / or bio- preserving activities
  • Study and preservation of the microbial biodiversity of foods.
  • Implementation of starter cultures for food and other industrial applications

Quality Management System

ISO 9001 certification in progress