Members holdings

The CCF culture collection now contains over 4900 saprotrophic filamentous microscopic fungi, mainly Ascomycota and Zygomycota (esp. Eurotiales, Hypocreales and Mucorales). Many strains are original isolates of Czech specialists from soil, food and feed, air, clinical substrates, beetles, plants etc. The strains are preserved on agar media in refrigerators, in lyophilized state, under oil, and in alginate pellets. Some important strains (e.g. ex-type strains) are maintained in liquid nitrogen.

Services offered

  • Distribution of fungal strains

  • Identification of fungal strains

  • Lyophilization and deposition of strains

  • Consulting for other institutions


  • Diversity of microfungi in soils of natural and anthropogenic habitats, on plant remains, on contaminated foods, on clinical substrates

  • Diversity and phylogeny of fungi associated with bark beetles

  • Ecology of fungi