• Institution: Czech Collection of Microorganisms
  • Acronym: CCM
  • Location:
    Masaryk University, Faculty of Science
    Kamenice 5, building E25
    625 00 Brno
    Czech Republic
  • Website: https://ccm.sci.muni.cz/en
  • Correspondent: prof. RNDr. Ivo Sedláček, CSc.
    Tel.: +420 549 491 430
    e-mail: ccm@sci.muni.cz

Members holdings

  • 3,400+ strains of bacteria and archaea (approximately 1,700 species)
  • 800+ strains of filamentous fungi and yeasts (approximately 550 species)
  • 50+ staphylococcal bacteriophages and their host strains

Services offered

  • Supply of strains (freeze-dried ampoules, gelatin discs)
  • Deposit of strains for public access
  • Deposit of patent cultures in accordance with the rules of the Budapest Treaty
  • Safe storage of customers' cultures
  • Service lyophilization of customers' cultures (freeze-dried ampoules, gelatin discs)
  • Identification of bacteria and filamentous fungi
  • Consulting service (taxonomy of bacteria and filamentous fungi, their isolation, cultivation, identification and long-term storage; patent strains; safety of work with microorganisms)


The CCM has been scientifically involved in numerous national and international projects with a focus on the taxonomy of bacteria of the phyla Firmicutes, Proteobacteria and Bacteroidetes isolated from the environment, plants, animals and human clinical material and aquatic hyphomycetes and melanised fungi of the class Dothideomycetes.

Since 2008, the CCM has become an active member of the polar research of Masaryk University and covers microbiological part of its scientific programme. Annually, members of the CCM are taking part in Antarctic expeditions and provide comprehensive sampling of biotic (fish, birds, marine mammals, mosses) and abiotic sources (soil, waters, glaciers, cryoconites, permafrost) resulting in exclusive and unique Antarctic microbial subcollections (8000+ strains).

Quality Management System

With effect from June 22nd 2006, a quality management system corresponding to the requirements of the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 standard was introduced at the Czech Collection of Microorganisms facility. With effect from the 4th of June 2017, the CCM facility was recertified in accordance with the newly introduced standard EN ISO 9001:2015.