• Institution: The Culture Collection of Switzerland
  • Acronym: CCOS
  • Location:
    Einsiedlerstr. 34
    8820 Waedenswil
  • Website: http://www.ccos.ch
  • Correspondent:
    Gottfried Dasen
    Tel.: +41 58 934 55 67
    e-mail: ccos@eccosite.org

Members holdings

  • Bacteria
    Environmental Isolates
    Antibiotic resistant strains (e.g. MRSA)
  • Fungi
    Brewery and winery yeasts
  • Cyanobacteria

Services offered

  • Low Temperature Backup Storage (-196°C, -80°C,-20°C, 4°C)
  • Lyophilisation
  • Identification Service
  • Consulting in Culture Collection Management
  • Strain Finder Sevice
  • Training (in Collaboration with ZHAW): Microscopy, Microbiology, Protein Expression, Anaerobe Techniques
  • Antibiotic resistance profiling of Starter Cultures (ISO 10932)


In collaboration with Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW):

  • Taxonomy of new Pseudomonas species
  • Taxonomy of new Glacimonas species
  • Characterisation of Bifidobacteria (adhesion, antibacterial properties, folic acid production, etc.)

Quality Management System

ISO 9001