• Institution: The Culture Collection of Yeasts
  • Acronym: CCY
  • Location:
    Institute of Chemistry SAS, D
    84538 Bratislava
  • Website: http://www.ccy.sk
  • Correspondent:
    Tel.: +421259410262
    Fax: +421259410222
    e-mail: ccy@eccosite.org

Members holdings

About 3300 strains, among them yeasts of medical and industrial importance (brewing and wine yeasts) and isolates from various natural sources (water, soil, and plant material) are maintained in the collection.

Services offered

The CCY offers: isolation, identification, deposit (deposit in the open collection, safe deposit, deposit for patent purposes under the Budapest Treaty), and supply of yeast strains to various institutions.


Research projects have focused on the diversity of yeasts associated with different natural sources, their properties, and the response of yeast cells to some stress conditions.