• Institution: Center for Microbial Resources dedicated to Yeast
  • Acronym: CIRM-Levures
  • Location:
    CIRM-Levures , Science Pour l’Œnologie Bat 28
    Centre de recherche INRAE Montpellier Occitanie
    2 place Viala
    34060 Montpellier Cedex 02
  • Website: http://cirm-levures.bio-aware.com/page/Home
  • Correspondent:
    Head: Jean-Luc Legras
    e-mail: cirmlevures@inrae.fr

Member holdings

CIRM-Levures preserves over 5.000 isolates (1801 can be found in the strain catalogue), belonging to 398 species from 75 genera of the Saccharomycotina subphylum and to the Basidiomycota phylum.

The collection contains:

  • Yeast strains involved in fermentation, i.e. traditional straters used in winemaking, bakery, brewery, dairy technology and other fermentation industries
  • Yeast from various geographical origins (french Guiana, the Reunion and Mayotte islands, Arctic glaciers...), for the study of genetic diversity and evolution, and potentially interesting in biotechnology.

Services offered

  • Strain isolation, preservation and distribution
  • Molecular taxonomic identification 
  • Strain deposit (open, or safe)


The CIRM-Levures is part of the Science for Enology research unit (https://www6.montpellier.inrae.fr/spo)  and participates to projects in relation with other research teams of the unit , focussing on the  study of yeast diversity  with genomic approaches.