• Institution: The Collection of Microorganisms Producing Antibiotics
  • Acronym: IBA
  • Location:
    Staroscinska 5
    02-516 WARSAW
  • Website: http://www.iba.waw.pl
  • Correspondent:
    M.Sc. Jolanta Kuthan-Styczen
    Tel.: +48 22 8496051
    Fax: +48 22 8483332
    e-mail: iba@eccosite.org

Members holdings

The Collection of Microorganisms Producing Antibiotics (IBA) is one of the laboratories of Bioengineering Department of Institute of Biotechnology and Antibiotics. It was organized in 1957 in the connection with development of research on antibiotic production. The continious work on the maintenance of the collection is connected with research on improvement of biotechnological feature of the technological strains.

The collection includes 915 strains: filamentous fungi (producing β-lactam, macrolide and peptide antibiotics), yeasts (producing enzymes) and bacteria (producing peptide antibiotics, bacteriocines, enzymes, aminoacids and vitamins as well as bacteria for biological tests).

The database in Microsoft Access contains: the names of strains collected in IBA collection, their origin, conditions of cultivation (media and temperature) as well as the list of produced metabolites. The first edition of Cataloque IBA Collection, edited at 1998 is available in IBA and it may be ordered.

Services offered

Strains of IBA are supplied by post to research institutes in Poland and whole world for research, education and practical purpose.