List of the sessions:

Culture collections: towards best practices to improve services for stakeholders. Chairs: Raquel Hurtado-Ortiz and Gerard Verkley

Culture collections and neglected groups of organisms. Chairs: Dominique Clermont and Antonino Pollio

Newcomers and New tools to explore and valorise microbial biodiversity. Chairs: Ipek Kurtböke and Pietro Buzzini

New tools to identify and characterize microbial diversity. Chairs: Maria Kuyukina and Serge Casaregola

Microbes in quality and safety of food. Chairs: Effie Tsakalidou and Giancarlo Perrone

Microbes at work in Bioeconomy and Biotechnological applications
Chairs: Giovanna Cristina Varese and Nelson Lima

Microbes at work in Bioeconomy and Biotechnological applications. Chairs: Mery Pina and Robert Samson

Transboundary initiatives and IT Technologies
Chairs: Marleen Bosschaerts and Rosa Aznar